I’m a bit down right now.
Anger turns into depression.
I feel like neither of them want to talk to me.
They’re upset with me.
One told another one thing now they both don’t want to speak to me. Or talking shit behind my back.

I’m just going to stay quiet for the rest of the day…
Here I am making stupid assumptions like an idiot

#my queen


Totally ADORE Cameron Stewart’s and Babs Tarr’s Batgirl redesign <3333 !! I couldn’t help but make a fan-art of this lovely lady!! 



when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

And this is why I’m leaving any fandom as an Oc…. (though I still keep mine up)

I get that Akatsuki Oc’s are a difficult subject and the organization themselves are limited, and the amount of Oc’s being apart of the Akatsuki is high. They’re going to happen. I’ve seen some AMAZING Akatsuki Oc’s on this site (i’m no part of it thank you) and I would actually see them in the show. But there’s the thing, they’re not in the show.

What I hate is that we’re so limited to these rules on what an Oc is and if you’re classified as a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. TO me as an Oc owner it’s frustrating. Why do have to have all these rules for a character that won’t even be in the show? This is for people’s entertainment and to show off their creativity.

You may say there are some pretty bad one’s out there, well just to let you know, a good portion of those are young children still trying to figure out what they’re even doing with this character, and yet I still see blogs ready to bash Oc that either no longer active or created by kids who are still trying to figure things out.

Though I’m not a child,18 bruh (maybe for those who are older than me, I’m a child) But I’ll admit that Keke is ‘Sue’. If that’s what you want to call it. She does have a larger bust size, you think I don’t know how painful it is? Oh trust me I do. There is a lot of issues surrounding that. I constantly have back pain and I will admit my Oc does as well. I’m not stupid. Is she loved by everyone in the Akatsuki and the main characters? No. Is she shipped with a canon character? No longer (things happened and no longer ship canonxoc) Does she always win and to OP? Absolutely not. Does she constantly need help or damsel in distress? No. Ect. Ect

The only possible thing that will make her Sue is her name and her chest size. She’s in the Akatsuki and mental health state. Keke is not Japanese. And god forbid her chest size is up higher than a B-cup. Akatsuki member is taboo. And her mental state has a reason for that, when I was dealing with my own demons a few years ago.

Well things happened. Trust me it was worst than this before I brought her onto Tumblr. But the term ‘Mary Sue’ is something bothers me, well rules set on Oc’s are extremely frustrating to me.

I don’t get why people want to bash Oc’s or make rules of a character that doesn’t exists in the actual canon fandom. They won’t be in the show. They’re just for entertainment and to show the creativity to the internet.

Is it because Oc’s makes one uncomfortable or does it ruin the said fandom for you? Because there are parts of each fandom that don’t have Oc’s. So why bother with rules for a character that won’t be part of the show? I honestly don’t get it in any way.

Can you honestly tell me why these rules exist? Please?

Just be kind v.v

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[toharu: It started out as me sketching an early birthday present for mental-case-psychosis, but then it turned into me challenging myself to a major sketch grind and I sketched a bunch of other OCs because drawing Lysis gets tiring. They already have the url of the OC’s creator on the image, but I’ll mention them anyway. In order from top to bottom: mental-case-psychosis, tregetour-hound, deepestcrimson, the-lunar-light (she’s playing with her child btw. That’s why she looks so weird), the-corpse-carrier, zeichans, neverquittingkunoichi, omgthatoneninja, and kusagakurekunoichi. To be honest blushes Jun is my favorite >__<


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I’m done

I’m done for now.

I have nothing else to do. :o

Maybe I’ll be on later. Dunno yet.

Or be on when Hidan replies to me.

See you all when I get back…

Send me a “<3” if your muse is secretly in love with mine and doesn’t quite know how to admit it.

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Markiplier Fan Art From the Mun(s)


Mun Fan Art:



So we have finally finished our Markiplier Fan Art~ And we have gave our love towards these drawings. Our followers should know that we LOVE and adore Markiplier because he is our inspiration. To let everyone know, we have already sent him these photos and no one should steal them. 

I love my twisted sense of humor


Shoes, Grommet!

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